Algebra, Geometry and Topology: What’s The Difference?

This Math-Dance video aims to describe how the fields of mathematics are different. Focusing on Algebra, Geometry, and Topology, we use dance to describe how each one of these fields would study a circle. The geometer dances with a rigid hula hoop, the topologist dances with a loop of fabric, and the algebraist dances with a circle of lasers.

Written and Created by: Nancy Scherich

Filmed and edited by : Alex Nye

Produced by: Steven Deeble And Nancy Scherich

First Assistant Camera: Chitoh Yung

Choreographed by: Nancy Scherich, in collaboration with Katelyn Carano, Erika Walther, Steve Trettel

Original Music by: Whetzel “This Is What Topology Sounds Like”   

Cast: Eric Boesser, Nic Brody, Christian Bueno, Katelyn Carano, Michelle Chu, Olivia Davi, Ken Millett, Erin Morgan, Viki Papadakis, Abe Pressman, Nancy Scherich, Steve Trettel, Erika Walther

Special Thanks to UCSB Mathematics Dept. and Darren Long

UCSB Theater and Dance Dept.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1045292