Nancy’s Collaborators

Dror Bar-Natan

Professor at the University of Toronto

Dr. Bar-Natan is my postdoc mentor and we have many projects in progress.

Sherilyn Tamagawa

Assistant Professor at Davidson University

Dr. Tamagawa and I met in graduate school. We are working together on a paper about virtual trivalent graph invariants, to appear soon.

Yvon Verberne

Postdoctoral Fellow at MSRI, NSERC postdoc GA Tech

Dr. Verberne and I met at the topology student workshop at GA Tech in 2018. We recently finished a paper together on finite quotients of the braid groups.

Zsuzsanna Dancso

Professor at the University of Sydney

Dr. Dancso is my mentor and collaborator. We have finished one paper together and have another in progress!

Oscar and Darwin Pawington

PostDOGtoral good fellows

Oscar, Darwin and I are office mates. We have not officially published any papers together, but we work hard every day to learn new tricks.