Upholstery Projects

Updating our old couch

This couch was bought used at a thrift store for $20 many years ago. I hated the fabric and style, so in 2021 I decided to give it a new life. I bought the fabric for $90 on clearance at a fabric outlet. I didn’t time my work, but I would estimate that this project took me about 40 hours to complete over several weeks.

The Process: I removed the old upholstery and foam from the back and arms. I cut the arm shape to be square and added reinforcements to support the new shape. I sewed and attached the seat bed fabric and then upholstered the arms and back. I made box cushion covers that are removable and washable.

Zhuzh-ing Oscar’s brown chair

This chair is undoubtedly Oscar’s chair. He piles up the pillows and sleeps at the very top of the heap. As a result, the pillows became lumpy and uncomfortable for a human to sit on. I decided to zhuzh up the cushions.

The Process: Using the fabric from the throw pillows and foam from my old mattress topper, I made a fitted boxed cushion for the back. I removed the stuffing from the large pillow, shredded it by hand, and re-stuff the pillow. The chair is now Oscar and Nancy approved.