Upcoming Talks

I will be attending the upcoming conferences:

  • Advancing Women in Mathematics across the Americas workshop titled Braids, links and applications at Institute of the Mathematical Sciences of the Americas (IMSA) at the University of Miami, Nov 15-18
  • Oberwolfach Seminar: Combinatorial and Geometric Knot Theory, Nov 21-27
  • JMM Jan 2022


I recently gave talks at the following events:

  • Jan 5, 2021, 8AM EST,  GRAAL seminar in Caen, title: “Finite image homomorphisms of the braid group and its generalizations” https://www.lmno.cnrs.fr/sem/AG
  • Jan 27, 2021, 1PM EST, National Math Fest, Panel discussion about the play “Witches of Agnesi”– a musical  about three female mathematicians of the past.
  • February 2021, Fairfield University undergraduate outreach talk, ” A Dancing Introduction to the Braid Groups”
  • March 2021,  AMS special session on “Groups, Geometry, and Topology”