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Generally I work in the field of low dimensional topology. I am interested in knot theory, braid groups, and other visual/combinatorial objects. I like to study maps between things, so I am naturally drawn to combinatorial representation theory, finite type invariants, planar algebras, and quantum computing.

The topic of my thesis was finding discrete representations of the braid groups into lattices. My approach was to specialize the parameter of the representation to certain Salem numbers, and harness the algebraic properties of the Salem numbers to guarantee discreteness of the representation.

Since graduating, I have focused my research towards virtual knot theory and more general studies of the braid groups.

Here is my CV

Here are my papers:

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Ribbon 2-Knots, 1+1=2, and Duflo’s Theorem for Arbitrary Lie Algebras  joint with Dror Bar-Natan and Zsuzsanna Dancso

Recently accepted to AGT!


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PhD Thesis: Discrete Representations of the Braid Groups




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Complete Classification of Discrete Specializations of the Burau Representation of B_3



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A Survey of Grid Diagrams and a Proof of Alexander’s Theorem


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My Master’s thesis: The Alexander Polynomial



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Turning Math Into Dance: Lessons from Dancing my PhD