Knot at Lunch Lectures

Friends of Dror Bar-Natan met for a weekly summer seminar in 2021. This will reconvene in 2022. Here are recordings of the lectures as well as any supplemental information.

If you would like to join our Knot at Lunch Lectures series, please email me to be added to the list.

July 21, Jessica Liu on “The GPV Theorem”

Here are the slides for Jessica’s talk.

July 28, Leonard Afeke on “The Gassner Representations of String Links”

Blackboard shots can be found at this link.

Aug 4, Nancy Scherich on “The Braid Groups and Their Representations”

Here are the slides for Nancy’s talk.

Aug 11, Jesse Frohlich on “From Tangles to Links: a story of knots and Gaussian differential operators”

Here are the slides for Jesse’s talk.

Aug 18, 25 Sina Abbasi on “A proof that classical knots embed as virtual knots”, no video available

Sina’s slides can be found here.

Sept 8, 2021 Yun-chi Tang