Art of Math


Art of Science Competition

Finding the Region

In 2016, I won honorable mention for my piece Finding the Region in UCSB’s Art of Science competition. This is a graph generated from mathematica in an attempt to solve a system of equations.

In 2018, I won honorable mention for my Math-Dance video Representations of the Braid Groups. Please visit the Math-Dance page.

Math Sculpture

This piece is a welded iron-rod torso to my exact dimensions. The torso hung from a pulley system above a can of soapy water. When dipped and raised out of the water, bubbles formed minimal surfaces between the geometric regions. The concept behind this piece was to blend power, femininity, art and math into one. The torso is feminine, but the lines are inspired by muscle, not sex-appeal. The shape is linearized with a focus on symmetry and geometry.

This piece is the first of a series titled “Arm yourself”, a series of armor for women inspired by math and science. Knowledge is true power and protection.