Cast info page

Here are the Story Boards  for the video. They are a little hard to read, but it would be helpful for me if you all read through them just to get an idea of the story.

Here is a link to a sound bite for the original music by James Whetzel!

Here is a detailed Filming schedule.

Schedule: Jan 13, 2019

  • 9:00AM tech set up begins
  • 11:00AM Call time for Katelyn Carano, Erika Walther, Olivia Davi, Michelle Chu
  • 1:00-2:00PM Lunch Break (this is very optimistic!)
  • 2:00PM Call time for everyone else. Please eat a meal before you come.
  • 6:00PM finished! (again very optimistic)

Everyone-What to bring:

  • black shirt (no tank tops please, long sleeve OK, T-shirt OK)
  • dark pants (black, dark grey, blue jean)
  • bright colored shirt if you have one
  • we will probably be barefoot, but bring dark socks and warm socks
  • snacks
  • something to entertain yourself during downtime (a book, school work)

Specialized-What additional stuff to bring:

  • Katelyn: Blue leggings, blue top, teal hoops, and 2 extra hoops if you can
  • Michelle: red top, (I will bring red pants, I hope they fit you!)
  • Erika: Purple leggings, purple top
  • Olivia: all black outfit, purple fans

Hair and Make-up: Please arrive with your hair styled and looking nice, but natural. Please arrive with natural make up, and bring what you have. Depending on the lights, we may add extra eye liner, blush and lipstick–even on the men.

Where: The Black Box Theater at UCSB campus. Park in IV for free, or park in lot 22 for $8. Here is a map.49899867_10210876607585680_2830836318005624832_o